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I actually have a wide range of musical taste!! I'm only 18 but am for the most part I'm pretty old skool. I love music from the 90's (it just brings me back to a simpler and happier time, back when the only worries I had on my mind were "If Xena and Gabby were going to beat the villain" (most of the time Callisto) lol and "If the Michael Jordan and The Chicago Bulls were going to win today"!! I love music, music..if done right can not only please your ears but your soul. It can motivate you, put you in "the zone", make you cry, make you happy, or just make you wanna just move, it can drive you!! Hip-Hop/Rap: Lots of Old Skool 90's and 80's Rap ( can't stand the Soulja Boy, Lil' Wayne, "now and days" rap, no heart or soul its just dudes braggin about their "bling" and everything else they got. I like alotta Eminem (my fav rapper), I like Biggie, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Run DMC, and alot of "real" Hip-Hop from back in tha day!! Pop: Hey just becus I like Rap doesn't mean I don't have a softer side music wise lol!! I love Pop music, again for being pretty young I'm pretty old skool. The best music was from back in tha day!! My fav is of course The King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson (R.I.P. MJ) imho MJ is not only the best pop star ever but greatest musical artist/preformer in music history!! I like some Prince, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston Soul, R&B, Disco, Funk: I love some funk music, George Clinton, Too much to name just love that funky sound and disco. In soul r&b music its Michael Jackson (I love "You are Not Alone" by MJ), Barry White, R. Kelly (my fav from him is "I belive I can fly" and "World's greatest"), and Seal (love his "Kissed by a rose". Me being also a big Batman fan it brings me back to when I was little boy and the movie Batman Forever came out and "Kissed by a rose" was the movie's theme off the soundtrack, not only that but it's a beautiful song.) Old school Rock: I'm not into todays rock or Heavy Death Metal but I a pretty big fan of like 80's and 90's arena style rock. I like Survivor, Journey ("Don't stop beliveing" especially), Queen (love the classics like "We are the champions"), and even a little bit of Kiss and Guns and Roses ("Welcome to the jungle" is my def favorite) But I won't lie I'm not a big rocker lol Gospel: Yolanda Adams is my favorite but just anything that picks up my soul to The LORD is Great for me!! Country: Mainly alot of George Strait and I even like...get ready to laugh...Taylor Swift hey the girl can sing regardless of what Kanye thinks lol!!
Favorite TV Shows:
Xena: Warrior PrincessHercules: The Legendary Journeys (Xena and Herc, The Action Pack has been and will always be my two all-time favorite TV shows!!)Beyond Belief: Fact or FictionBatman: The Animated Series/The Adventures of Batman and RobinSuperman: The Animated SeriesBatman BeyondJustice League/Justice League UnlimitedWWE Monday Night Raw (I am a huge wrestling fan, I just love it so basically I will watch any good wrestling show...both WWE and TNA but I prefer WWE)WWE Friday Night Smackdown!TNA Impact! (fyi, TNA is WWE's main wrestling company competitor.)Deadliest WarriorSmoking Gun-World's Dumbest (on TruTV)Dog the Bounty HunterCopsCriss Angel Mind FreakMost Shocking (on TruTV, I basically like a lot of Tru TV lol)Happy Days

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